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I wanted to meet people who were professionals and who also worked hard. I figured they would better understand the demands I was facing in terms of building a business. I really like the fact that the matchmakers interviewed me. I believe it allowed them to learn more about me and what I was looking for vs just filling out something online. I felt comfortable with the process of just having lunch and knowing that each person was interested in determining if this was someone they were interested in. Our first date was fun, comfortable and easy. The conversation flowed and it was natural. I remember seeing her walk towards me as I was thinking…. I had just moved to DC and had a hard time meeting new people outside of work. They took feedback that I provided after dates and used that to find other people that could potentially be a better fit.

Netflix series Indian Matchmaking is this year’s scariest horror story about arranged marriages

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I’ve ordered two bowls of bread-and-milk and some health biscuits. I hope you don’t mind.

A professional New York matchmaker chronicles her time dealing with some of the city’s most ineligible clients.

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I needed to do something different. I had tried online but I found there was no real substance. We would have never crossed paths without the agency. We both knew we had to do something different to find each other. Enter Bespoke! Carol intuitively knew that we would at least be friends and, six months later, we are so much more. I never thought there truly would be someone I could imagine sharing my life with. Being a busy professional I chose to use the help of a Professional Service to help me find a partner.

I was hopeful they would help me build new relationships and meet new people that were not part of my existing social circle. My first match was okay; he was masculine, professional, and attractive, there was nothing bad I could say about him but; there really was no chemistry.

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The Mumbai-based matchmaker Sima Taparia delivers this meme-friendly one-liner in the seventh episode of the hit Netflix series Indian Matchmaking. But she departs from this well-worn model in her attention to one extra characteristic: caste. This silent shadow hangs over every luxurious living room she leads viewers into.

Professional Matchmaking success stories! Here are just a few success stories from our lovely clients that we love to share! Hopefully these encourage you.

The show has received much criticism for glorifying arranged marriages — a tradition that feeds off regressive stereotypes about genders, caste and class. While the challenges of single-hood resonated with a lot of privileged, mostly savarna Indian women and some men, it was pointed out that the labelling and sorting process of humans involved in the show glorifies deeply regressive traditions Indian women have fought hard against, and some are still unable to stand up to.

Several Dalit writers and activists pointed out that the outrage over Indian Matchmaking from dominant caste circles revealed a deep lack of selfwareness as their own social interactions were also deeply rooted in caste, which relentlessly otherises oppressed castes. At the centre of the show, are regular people struggling to finding a partner they really wanted to be with on a long term basis. HuffPost India reached out over email to Vyasar Mamta Ganesan, a year-old high school college counsellor at Austin, Texas to understand how the process panned out for them and also how the people on the show responded to the allegations of stereotyping and regressiveness.

We have also reached out to some of the women contestants and the makers, whose responses will be published once and if they get back. As someone who has battled that feeling myself, I was curious to know what apprehensions you may have had, to live out this experience in front of a camera, knowing it will be consumed by millions of people. Sometimes, it seems like the event itself is more important to certain parties than the actual married life. This lets people conflate their feelings about marriage with their feelings about success.

And no one, especially not the young, career-conscious Indian, wants to identify as a failure.

Vyasar Ganesan, From Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking’, Responds To Criticism Of The Show

Some are divorced or new to Brisbane and want to fast-forward their dating. From spending hours sorting through online profiles looking for a good match to trying to connect via pokes, winks and email, dating can suddenly feel like a full-time job. With so many dating options out there, why did you choose It’s Just Lunch?

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Matchmaker Sima Taparia from Mumbai has become internet famous after the release of the new Netflix reality series, Indian Matchmaking , in which Sima applies tried and tested techniques to unite eligible bachelors. The series has been criticised for promoting outdated notions such as casteism, colourism and classism. But Sima seems oblivious, as she has been witnessed a boom in business. Hell, I have even matched people up while waiting at the luggage carousel at Mumbai airport.

This is where Tinder, Bumble and Shaadi. But she has a strict filter policy.

Indian Matchmaking: What happened to the couples after the series?

We have the largest database of singles in the Midwest region. This week on Sweet As Omaha Love matchmakers , we understand all too well that dating and relationships can be a very vulnerable topic for many. Courtney and Sweet Wondering who you’ll be working with when you sign up for your Omaha Love membership?

A HEART WARMING PLOT FULL OF MEANING. Love Story Matchmaking Takes A New Approach To Finding A Long Term Relationship. HOW IT WORKS.

After a few days of chatting about myself and telling me about her brother, we decided it would be nice to meet. A few weeks later, both Hoda and her brother visited my family in Boston, and right off the bat i knew he was the one! Married December A few months prior to this conversation, I had mentioned to Hoda that I was open to being set up in case someone she though was a good fit for me came across her radar. While visiting her sister in Seattle, she came across my now fiance and saw that we might be compatible.

After checking with him to see if he was both single and interested in marriage, Hoda gave him a basic rundown of who I am and helped us to exchange contact information. Within 4 months of our first conversation, we were engaged and we’ll be having our wedding in July InshAllah. I’m so grateful for Hoda’s matchmaking skills, and so happy with the way everything worked out Alhamdulillah!

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To her surprise, the year-old met her future husband and is set to get married in January next year. Mumbai-based Anindita Dey—married for over a year now — also met her husband through her parents. However, Anindita makes it clear that while it was her parents who set up the meeting, the final decision was completely hers.

Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ Is The Talk Of India — And Not In A a gender activist and author of The Shaadi Story: Behind the Scenes of the.

I got interested in online matchmaking, the topic of my latest Findings column , while doing a column last year about the other kind of online dating in which you pick out your partners. When people look for their own partner, they can be absurdly picky as well as unrealistic about their own appeal. A beautiful woman who posts a picture might hear from a thousand guys.

An online matchmaker like eHarmony , Chemistry. That study was presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Society in , and researchers at eHarmony tell me they plan to publish a more comprehensive version with more data. Researchers at the new eHarmony Labs have started another, more rigorous, longitudinal study that will track eHarmony-matched couples and a control group over time, but it will be some time before there are results. And I invite everyone, scientists or laypeople, single or married, to report their experiences with online matchmaking.

I realize, as ever, that the plural of anecdote is not data, but given the paucity of independent evaluations of these online matchmakers, anecdotes are at least a start. We are highly compatible with enough differences to keep it interesting. We have recommended eHarmony to friends and family who are interested in finding partners and will continue to do so because we believe it works!

I was initially extremely skeptical about eHarmony and resisted joining the site for a long time. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised and that the overall experience was rewarding. Online dating is just as nerve racking and awkward as meeting someone in person, but also can be equally rewarding.

‘Indian Matchmaking’ is just the tip of the iceberg of matchmaking in India

Like you’d guess from the title, Indian Matchmaking follows one matchmaker as she tries to set up several singles of Indian origin oftentimes in India in the hopes that they’ll find love. But how real or staged is Indian Matchmaking? Keep reading while we dive in.

Indian Matchmaking, Netflix’s new show follows Mumbai-based Were you familiar with the other participants and their stories before the show.

Netflix new series ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ Photograph: Twitter. The real game in India is way more convoluted, painstaking and disrespectful to human emotion — especially for girls. It’s a haggling of virtues and vices, and is decided by horoscopes and pre-decided norms for both genders. And emotional and sexual compatibility — the most important factors in a marriage as far as Bollywood, and well, the entire world, goes — take a forever backseat. In a Fall of a coronavirus-free world a few years ago, I — freshly out of a toxic relationship — was kind of forced, kind of emotionally bewitched into trusting the way 70 per cent of Indian population gets married — an arranged set up.

The matrimonial website said nothing out-of-the-box of the guy I was supposed to meet at a Delhi cafe, and a meeting was hence mandatory. The third question I faced at the “interview” was if I could cook. The fourth was if I had ever been in a relationship given “women in media sleep around” yes, he said that to me.


Every reality show has at least one villain. As Sima and the show itself frequently remind us, arranged marriage is not quite the form of social control it used to be; everyone here emphasizes that they have the right to choose or refuse the matches presented to them. But as becomes especially clear when Sima works in India, that choice is frequently and rather roughly pressured by an anvil of social expectations and family duty.

In the most extreme case, a year-old prospective groom named Akshay Jakhete is practically bullied by his mother, Preeti, into choosing a bride.

Sima Taparia in a still from ‘Indian Matchmaking‘. ‘Mee Raqsam’, The Struggles of a Muslim Girl Studying a ‘Hindu’ Dance Tell a Bigger Story.

Your spouse is just a set of qualifications to finally one-up your neighbours or your rival at work. Stagnant social mobility, casteist educational institutions and economic inequality glom together to create families, neighbourhoods, schools, colleges and work places where everyone has similar incomes and wealth, lifestyles, intellectual interests and ambitions. In other words, the metrics of compatibility all conspire towards upholding oppressive structures.

Practicing hyper-individuality to stand out on dating apps is disenchanting, having your personhood disregarded completely is no better. Marital rape is still legal in India. Disputes and murders over dowry are regular news items. There has to be more or something else, some of us think to ourselves as we contemplate the markers of adulthood, and this show flatly tells us, no.

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