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I love Hearthstone and dedicate a lot of my free time to studying the game, testing new decks and making myself the best player I can be. I’m looking forward to providing quality content to the Tempostorm website and if you have any questions about the game be it a specific deck, card or strategy then please don’t hesitate to contact me via Twitter. Toggle navigation Tempo Storm. Sign Up. Share With:. Arena is a very fun, and sometimes very frustrating game mode. The mode allows you to play cards in combination with others that you would not normally see in Constructed. In Arena you can play and win with decks that could not be competitive on ladder, in fact some cards are better in Arena than they ever will be in Constructed. A prime example of this is North Sea Kraken, overshadowed by other 9 mana cards in Contstructed with better effects, but in Arena it is both a common and a neutral that has proven to be an instant pick in many Arena drafts. Regardless of how fun arena is, it is still drastically underplayed in comparison to Constructed, so I want to highlight why that is, and also suggest a few potential solutions.

Hearthstone streamer exposes clan of snipers who repeatedly targeted him

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. So today i drafted a 77,6 score arena deck. Guess what, it went I’m not a noob hs player, i play since GvG. Have several 12 win arenas.

Hearthstone may be a hugely popular digital card game, but it still faces a surprise Until matchmaking exists for new players I will forever continue to claim that I only still play at all because of tavern brawl and arena.

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As of this date of posting, the Hey everyone! We put together a general matchmaking FAQ here for our new ranked system to help answer questions you may have. For general description of this new system, please refer to our Year of the Phoenix blog.

Hearthstone matchmaking is not random Warcraft Arena simulator Blue Tweets​, MLGManaGrind Tournament Review, Legends of matchmaking, itxs not true.

My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 14 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Thread: Why the fuck am i continually pitted against counter decks? Last Jump to page:. Why the fuck am i continually pitted against counter decks? When I play some deck, i will be matched against an opponent who plays a deck that has a easy time against me.

Then I play aggro pirate warrior or murloc paladin, I will get all the fucking mages or priests reno locks in wild 10 times in a row and all the quest rogues would suddenly disappear in thin air.

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Ashes of Outland marks the start of the first phase of our new Hearthstone year—the Year of the Phoenix! On the roadmap below, you can see the massive amount of content we have coming this year! Click to enlarge. Once this change goes live, you will no longer receive more than two copies of any Common, Rare, or Epic until you have owned two copies of all cards of that rarity in a set.

Crafting a card counts towards acquiring it, and any cards you acquire and later disenchant whether golden or non-golden count as well.

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Matchmaking is the process of determining appropriate player pairings when players are queuing up to play Hearthstone. The matchmaking process functions differently for each game mode. In each case, the goal is the same: to try to find a player of similar matchmaking value rating, rank or record as possible. When a player enters the matchmaking queue the system will attempt to find another player in the queue with an identical matchmaking value.

If a perfect match is not found, the matchmaking system will “wait a few seconds” and then search again. For information and statistics on specific types of matchmaking, see Ranked , Casual , and Arena.

went and getting owned in arena. mind with Shadowverse Arena is that the matchmaking is totally random. If they did adopt a system like HS that matched similar records without reverting the Arena rewards nerf.

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. MTG Salvation. Sign In Register. Archmage Overlord. I think the game is a horrible place to spend money on, because of the fast rotations and the unavailability of direct purchase of singles. If your goal is to play competitive constructed magic play MTGO, is vastly superior when it comes to that, offers all formats and actually even has the better interface.


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We boost all divisions, placement matches, games, and net wins. Hidden MMR value adapted to the new region Statistics: games played, takedowns, wins, etc. Real-time LoL Stats! The first factor is the MMR of your allies and your opponents when you win or lose. It is only available for ranked matches. Also can be wrangled into coaching individually and for teams. Gold 4 there is an average MMR. Create, share and discuss strategy builds for the multi-player online battle arena, League of Legends.

Why Less People Play Arena & How to Fix it

Hearthstone Rank Boost. Hearthstone Arena Boost. Hearthstone Golden Heroes.

Hey everyone! We put together a general matchmaking FAQ here for our new ranked system to help answer questions you may have. For general description of.

One of Hearthstone’s most popular streamers has fought back against a pack of players who regularly sniped his games, Eurogamer’s competitive gaming sister site Metabomb reports. Octavian Morosan, better known to the Hearthstone community as Kripparrian, or Kripp, has frequently complained about players who stream-snipe – in other words those who watch his stream when playing against him to see his hand.

It’s an unfortunate part of the game but, as Kripp says in the video below, pretty much unavoidable. But then Kripp began matching repeatedly with the same players who not only had knowledge of what he was about to play, but who also used incredibly lucky – and perfectly suited – Arena decks in order to beat him.

If Kripp played a deck with a weakness to a particular other deck, he would see that exact rival deck pop up, and someone with a similar-sounding screen name would be on the other end “sniper16”, “sniper24”, “sniper30”. He began to suspect a group of players had built up a selection of strong Arena decks, ready to pounce with the right counter when he began matchmaking.

In Hearthstone, you click on a button to have the game find a match for you. These stream snipers would watch Kripp’s stream, wait for him to click this button, then quickly click it themselves in the hope the game would match them up. This worked, sometimes multiple times a night. And so, Kripp set a trap. After mentioning that he had no lag set on his stream, he match-made against a sniper on purpose then added them as a friend, so he could investigate further.

Kripp then saw that person was friends with another with a similar name, and so on, until he uncovered various offending accounts. It’s pretty sad people will go all this way just to make a streamer suffer when trying to entertain others. Kripp concludes his video, above, by noting that the clan of snipers is no longer in business.

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With the announcement of Hearthstone’s newest expansion, Ashes of Outland, it’s time Primarily, we wanted to figure out ways to make the matchmaking experience fairer, Arena Leaderboards Update: April – June

This doc says I should be hitting for 10k each card. The goal of this calculator is to show you the speed you need to have perfectly synced teams. Dark and Deep infused weapons. In addition, a weapon will also have additional attributes, such as attack speed bonuses, damage bonuses, elemental damage, and quality. It is one of eight damage types presented in the original game and one of the four Elemental-type damages. Damage results are modified by several mechanics — type modifiers main content of this article , armor, critical hit bonuses, stealth bonuses, Warframe ability debuffs, body part modifiers, faction modifiers — which are discussed below and on their respective pages.

Information is provided ‘as is’ and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice. Reusable in 4 turns. Symbolic Stars – Shen Sha Prosperity star. Magazine Size. Simply enter in the relevant stats in the fields, press the “Submit” button, and your results will show up.

Kripp – Salterino Ep.2 – Begging For Patch [Hearthstone]